Church History

PCBC History

Founded in 1784 by Rev John Webb & Rev John Cole with Barnet Putnum and William Wilbanks as First Deacons, First named Church of Christ on the Tyger River, the name was changed to Padgett’s Creek Church by 1800.


Built in 1844, Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church is important for detailed manual craftsmanship in its primary construction and for appropriate additions and alterations that have maintained the building’s architectural integrity.

Organized in 1784 as the Church of Christ on Tyger River, the church adopted its present name in 1803. It became a member of the Baptist State Convention in 1841. In 1844 construction of a new meeting house began about one mile above the original and was finally completed by April 1848.


It appeared as a plain, rectangular two-story building over slightly raised brick supports with an unornamented interior and a gallery for use by colored members.



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